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Barely Sound Space Installations

Research project: Barely
Principal Researcher: Dr. Natasha Barrett
Researcher, spatial structures Birger Sevaldson
Research Period: 2007-2009
Research Status: ongoing
Barely is a paradigm of composition, sound-art and multi-media that creates a highly detailed just perceptual layer above the 'experienced threshold' of our senses in both the immediate 'real-time' substance and in a temporal context of structure and syntax. The complexity of our everyday stimuli tends to a state of noise - not only in terms of sound but in all information received by our senses. The Barely paradigm is an alternative organisation of cultural and perceptual complexity that explores the reality of each given context in terms of the surroundings and the individual. It entices the individual into deep attention, concentration and sensual experience by offering great detail at a level that is only just perceptual, enhancing what is already present in both the individual and the art-work rather than attempting to introduce the artificial. In terms of both substance and concept Barely can be regarded as the antithesis to noise.
The Barely paradigm is manifest in a number of forms spanning abstract sound-art, acousmatic composition, acoustic instrumental performance and spatial sound-architecture. The first manifestation - Barely 1 - is a collaboration with Ocean.