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'Simple Systems - Complex Capacities' Competition launched

The Arch+ competition Simple Systems - Complex Capacities, organised by Sabine Kraft of Arch+ and Michael Hensel and Achim Menges of OCEAN, has been launched. The competition is open and offers a prizemoney of 20.000 Euro. For further information see: http://www.archplus.net/plus/

'Forum:Form Conference' 06 November in Roros, Norway

Defne Sunguroglu Hensel will deliver a keynote lecture at the Forum:Form Conference on Thursday 06 November at Røros. The lecture is entitled 'Form-generation in Performance-oriented Design', and will discuss related concepts illustrated by projects of OCEAN.

'FORMakademisk' Research Journal launched

On 15 October, the web-based design research journal FORMakademisk was launched. OCEAN member Birger Sevaldson is on the editorial board and is responsible for the web interface. He has also submitted a peer-reviewed article to the first volume. FORMakademisk is a Norwegian journal, but welcomes articles in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English and from all over the globe.


'System Thinking and Integral Design' Book launched


The book on the research, design and production of the the Deichmannske Mediastations, entitled System Thinking and Integral Design, has been launched.


Natasha Barrett at Steirischer Herbst

Natasha Barret will perform 'Sub Terra' at the Steirischer Herbst festival 2008.

'Sub Terra' - a concert performance and three sound installations.

Under Earth, the roar, the grate and the prickling delicacy of sound resounding beneath us.

'Sub Terra' is a concert performance and three sound installations. Each installation zooms in on sounds unique to three locations under Norwegian ground, creating surreal semi-narrative journeys through the development of the sound in itself. The installation sites lead the visitor through underground or enclosed sound-worlds, where atmosphere and acoustics allow the sound to live, gradually closer to the concert space. The concert work crystallises into a musical form that which is most abstract from the installations and involves a dynamic performance through frequency, space and time over 14 loudspeakers.

Go to Steirisher Herbst

Go to the project URL


OCEAN exhibits at YOUniverse, the 3rd Seville Biennial

Several OCEAN projects are being exhibited at YOUniverse, the 3rd Seville Biennial of Contemporary Art. The Biennial is curated by Peter Weibel, Marie-Ange Brayer and Wonil Rhee, and runs from October 3 2008 until January 11 2009.


A new version of BARELY in Galleri ROM


A new version of the BARELY installation will be shown at galleri ROM in Oslo from 7th to 28th November.



OCEAN members guest editing AD

OCEAN members will guest edit two issues of Architectural Design (AD) due for release in 2010. Michael Hensel and Defne Sunguroglu Hensel and Hulya Ertas from XXI Magazinewill guest-edit a special issue entitled Turkey - On the Threshold. Anthony Burke, Adrian Lahoud and Charles Rice will guest-edit an issue entitled Post-traumatic Urbanism.


Textile Tectonics Symposium

Michael Hensel will speak at the Textile Tectonics Symposium on Saturday 08 November at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.
Speakers include Mark Burry, Lars Spuybroek, Evan Douglis, Andrew Benjamin and Cecil Balmond.


OCEAN exhibits at the 3rd Architectural Biennial, Beijing 2008

OCEAN and the studios of OCEAN members Jeffrey Turko and Gudjon Erlendsson (NEKTON Design) and Anthony Burke (Offshore Studio) will be presenting works in the 3rd annual Architecture Biennial Beijing (ABB2008).
The theme for the 3rd biennial is (IM)MATERIAL PROCESSES - New Digital Techniques for Architecture.
The Biennial is open from 24th October.

Hensel and Menges Edit Arch+ no. 188: Form Follows Performance


Arch+ no. 188 Form Follows Performance edited by Michael Hensel and Achim Menges has been launched. Together with the launch a competition entitled 'Simple Systems, Complex Capacities' has been announced. For further information see: http://www.archplus.net/home.php

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