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Barrett presents 'Barely' in France

June 4th Natasha Barrett performs the premier of "Gentle Sediment (Barely_part-3)" - a concert composition from the "Barely" framework, in Bourges, France. http://www.imeb.net/

June 7th Barrett presents the paper "Listening Thresholds and Contextual Frameworks – An example from Barely-part-1" - a paper focusing on the sound and music aspect of Barely-part-1 at its interaction with the architectural aspect of the project. EMS08 conference, Paris. http://www.ems-network.org/ems08/index.html

Recent releases: DR.OX. (improvisation, Natasha Barrett - computer; Tanja Orning - cello). http://www.cycling74.com/c74music/013 / http://www.natashabarrett.org/cd.html