OCEAN Design Research Association

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Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel will give a lecture at Yaşar University in Izmir - 27 December 2013

The Founding and current chairman of OCEAN Prof. Dr. Michael U. Hensel will give a lecture at the Faculty of Architecture at Yaşar University in Izmir on 27 December 2013. The lecture is entitled: Performance-oriented Architecture - Rethinking Architecture and the Built Environment


Performance-oriented Architecture delivers an integrative framework for architectural design and sustainability and research by design in architecture. The aim is to return architecture from the brink of marginality to a renewed relevance. The first phase of this effort was completed with the publication of the book 'Performance-oriented Architecture - Rethinking Architecture and the Built Environment', which sets the scene by outlining concepts and traits for a non-discrete and performance-oriented architecture. Phase two is currently under way and focuses on the definition of 'intensely local architecture' and 'local tectonics' as an antidote to the currently prevailing globalization and homogenization of architecture. The talk will introduce these efforts with particular focus on the role of research in reinvigorating the discipline of architecture.