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OCEAN members collaborate in maritime research project

OCEAN members Natasha Barrett and Birger Sevaldson are involved in the maritime research project at Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The research project is financed by the Norwegian Research Council, with the Ulstein Ship builder as the main partner.

The project application was prepared by Birger Sevaldson and others and the project was initially lead by him. The lead was subsequently transferred to Kjetil Nordby who has developed the project greatly and run by him with an extensive group of researchers, PhD fellows, designers and programmers. Birger Sevaldson is contributing as a senior researcher in the project.

The project has created a significant amount of media attention in Norway and internationally.

One of the theoretical pillars in the project is Systems Oriented Design (SOD). SOD is also one of the research activities in OCEAN where it was developed and emerged out of the early concept developments in OCEAN and the discussions around the Dynamic Generative Diagram. SOD is looking at an active expansion and its practice is migrating to several design companies at the moment, amongst them HALOGEN (www.halogen.no)

Natasha Barrett has worked with research on sound design for the ship bridge in the UBC project. We are pleased that for the first time a musical composer has been involved with sound design for a ship bridge. OCEAN is a interdisciplinary network, that emphasizes inter- and trans-disciplinary work and this is one of the best examples of the potential of such networking collaboration.

Here is a video with a popularized vision of what the group is working with: