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Eladio Dieste Symposium Friday 08 October 2010

Eladio Dieste – Advancing Architecture through Material System Innovation Symposium and Exhibition at AHO

From 9-00 am Friday 08 October @ AHO Auditorium

Eladio Dieste (1917–2000), the eminent Uruguayan engineer and architect, contributed numerous groundbreaking inventions in designing and constructing reinforced and pre-stressed brick structures of remarkable beauty and structural capacity. While his work has received renewed interest since the late 1990s and has been analyzed in detail, concise and detailed efforts to re-examine the work with regards to its potential for contemporary architectural design have yet to take place.

To commence this effort and to introduce Dieste’s work to the Scandinavian context is the aim of the exhibition, symposium and construction experiments.

Speakers: Prof. Einar Dahle, Prof. Dr. Remo Pedreschi, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Gengnagel, Prof. Michael U. Hensel, Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel, Prof. Marius Nygaard

OCEAN members Defne Sunguroğlu Hensel, Michael U. Hensel and Birger R. Sevaldson organized the events.

AHO Oslo School of Architecture and Design Maridalsveien 29, 0175 Oslo, Norway