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'System Thinking and Integral Design' Book launched


The book on the research, design and production of the the Deichmannske Mediastations, entitled System Thinking and Integral Design, has been launched.

The project was a collaboration initiated by OCEAN and involved staff and students from HfG Offenbach and AHO - the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. The book has been published and printed in a limited number and was edited by Prof. Achim Menges. It features articles by Achim Menges, Michael Hensel and Birger Sevaldson from OCEAN, and Reinert Mithassel from the Deichmannske Library in Oslo. The book has been published by the president of the HfG Offenbach, and the project is supported by HfG Offenbach, AHO and YNOR AS boat builders in Kragerø, Norway.
The Media stations were pre-launched at AHO on 28th November