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'FORMakademisk' Research Journal launched

On 15 October, the web-based design research journal FORMakademisk was launched. OCEAN member Birger Sevaldson is on the editorial board and is responsible for the web interface. He has also submitted a peer-reviewed article to the first volume. FORMakademisk is a Norwegian journal, but welcomes articles in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish and English and from all over the globe.

FORMakademisk is a web-only publication based on the Open Journal System by the Public Knowledge Project. The system is in widespread use, and hundreds of scientific publications are based on it. The system ensures and documents the peer-review process.

FORMakademisk will apply for level 1 rating in the Norwegian research rating system from volume 1. The result of the application will be announced in December.

Two of eight articles in vol. 1 no. 1 are English.

We encourage you to support open knowledge sharing, open source communities, and FORMakademisk, by visiting our website, spreading the word and submitting articles.